Neck Pillow (Greenery)


A Weighted Neck Pillow to give you that feeling of reassurance. The ultimate tool that provides tactile sensory response to help you relax at home. Leonie Lemon strives to promote zero waste solutions in order to promote living a healthy, fulfilled, and happy lifestyle with intention in every action.

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Weighted Neck Pillow (Greenery)

Our Weighted Neck Pillow (Greenery) provides the ultimate sensory response. This is because the pressure will cause your body to release chemicals that help you relax. Finally, this is great if you have experienced injury in the neck and shoulder area.

The Weighted Neck Pillow (Greenery) can be heated or chilled. When heated, the flax seeds provide moist heat for healing. If chilled, the Weighted Neck Pillow (Greenery) helps reduce inflammation and soothes fevers.

The Weighted Neck Pillow (Greenery) is made of flannel. We chose this due to its comfort. Cotton is also hypoallergenic. Flax seeds inside provide relaxing pressure to your shoulders. Lavender flowers inside the Weighted Neck Pillow (Greenery) provide an aroma that has calming effects when inhaled.

Weighted Neck Pillow (Greenery) colors are chosen by the energy that they provide:

  • Blue – Calming, cooling, relaxing and peaceful qualities.
  • Green – Balancing, calming, trust and healing qualities.

This Weighted Neck Pillow is in the “Greenery” pattern. Additionally, you can find other colors of the Weighted Neck Pillow.

See the Weighted Neck Pillow.


Leonie Lemon promotes sustainable solutions.

Leonie Lemon hand sews every product. We are a small business based out of San Diego, CA. Furthermore, we promote healthy, sustainable, good intentioned living. Leonie Lemon provides multiple use products that are created via ethical methods. Most noteworthy, Leonie Lemon is inspired and motivated by positive thinking, yoga, minimalism, spirituality, and the desire to contribute to the world in a positive way without affecting the world in a negative way.

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