Bento Bag (Large)


The Bento Bag is a modern take of Furoshiki. Being closer to a conventional bag rather than a wrap makes the Bento Bag easier to tie and carry. Leonie Lemon strives to promote zero waste solutions in order to promote living a healthy, fulfilled, and happy lifestyle with intention in every action.

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Bento Bag (Large)

The Leonie Lemon Bento Bag (Large) takes its design cues from Japan. Taken from Furoshiki, the Bento Bag symbolizes how the Japanese take pride in every aspect of life. Furoshiki wraps beautify lunch boxes (bento), goods and even gifts!

The Bento Bag (Large) modernizes the Furoshiki. Being a hybrid of a conventional bag and a wrap allows easier tying and carrying. The Bento Bag (Large) understates its elegance with chambray cotton. This is the perfect size to carry a bento box or any good!

This Bento Bag is in the “Large” pattern. Additionally, you can find other colors of the Bento Bag.

See the Bento Bag.


Leonie Lemon promotes sustainable solutions. Consequently, like with all of Leonie Lemon’s products, this product’s intention evolve well past what we originally could think of. When used creatively, this product provides virtually limitless utility.

This item is designed for multiple uses:

  • A fancy gift wrap that can be repurposed by the recipient
  • Wrap for your lunch
  • A small handbag

We’d love to hear how our customers have altered our products’ utilities for their own personal use. Connect with us and share how you use our product via comments or social media!

Leonie Lemon hand sews every product. We are a small business based out of San Diego, CA. Furthermore, we promote healthy, sustainable, good intentioned living. Leonie Lemon provides multiple use products that are created via ethical methods. Most noteworthy, Leonie Lemon is inspired and motivated by positive thinking, yoga, minimalism, spirituality, and the desire to contribute to the world in a positive way without affecting the world in a negative way.

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You’re in luck because Leonie Lemon is also a very active doTerra wellness advocate! If you’d like more information on doTerra essential oils or the benefits of becoming a wellness advocate, contact us or follow this link.

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