Bandana Bib (Monday Morning)


A Bandana Bib to show people your little one’s personality. Leonie Lemon strives to promote zero waste solutions in order to promote living a healthy, fulfilled, and happy lifestyle with intention in every action.

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Bandana Bib (Monday Morning)

Take your little one out in style with the Leonie Lemon Bandana Bib (Monday Morning). The Bandana Bib allows your baby to show their personality and stay clean at the same time! Each Bandana’s pattern is mature while still being playful.

The Bandana Bib (Monday Morning) is made with two layers of fabric, both soft to the touch. Two different patterns make the bib reversible providing the opportunity for a wardrobe change. The two snap points on the Bandana Bib (Monday Morning) allow for size adjustability to grow with your baby.

This Bandana Bib is in the “Monday Morning” pattern. Additionally, you can find other colors of the Bandana Bib.

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Leonie Lemon promotes sustainable solutions.

Leonie Lemon hand sews every product. We are a small business based out of San Diego, CA. Furthermore, we promote healthy, sustainable, good intentioned living. Leonie Lemon provides multiple use products that are created via ethical methods. Most noteworthy, Leonie Lemon is inspired and motivated by positive thinking, yoga, minimalism, spirituality, and the desire to contribute to the world in a positive way without affecting the world in a negative way.

Like natural solutions?

You’re in luck because Leonie Lemon is also a very active doTerra wellness advocate! If you’d like more information on doTerra essential oils or the benefits of becoming a wellness advocate, contact us or follow this link.

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